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Public Procurement Agency is highly satisfied with QSS's cloud service. Within the last 8 years of using QSS's cloud services, we didn't encountered any major issues. Our data is secured, whilst all services which we provide to our clients were always available.

– Public Procurement Agency and Procurement Review Body

We didn't encountered any shortages whilst using QSS's cloud service. However, access to the cloud from the user's side can sometimes pose a difficulties due to the poor organisation, infrastructure or access to the Internet. Still, we've managed to overcome this potential difficulty with the Internet connection towards two Internet Service Providers.

– CityGroup

e-Dnevnik application has enhanced communication between lecturers and parents, which was previously based mainly on a parent meetings. In addition to reducing number of absences from the classes, e-Dnevnik has brought a number of advantages for parents as well as for the lecturers. Nowadays, lecturers are able to evaluate and assess students in easier, quicker and more objective way, whilst parents have the ability to examine grades of their kids on a day-to-day basis, what previously was not the case.

– Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton

Together with the QSS we've created an enterprise system which enabled our management to manage around 100.000 annually received laboratory materials in a quicker, more efficient and more rational way, as well as to have a complete overview of sample's trajectory throughout our laboratories. This application has also provided our clients with the access to all operations that are important to them. In this way, we've made a significant time savings, enabled ourselves to plan better, as well as to allocate our human and financial resources more efficiently.

– Veterinary Faculty

We've been looking for a solution which would enable us to provide our partners with the new, more economical and efficient way of communication than traditional. Since our requirements were of very complex nature, we couldn't find the readily available commercial software solution, and thus we've decided to opt for QSS, since it is a company with the vast experience and remarkable project references. We've made a right choice, since QSS provided us with a solution which is completely adjusted to our business operations, hosted on a highly reliable servers, and very easily and quickly upgraded.

– Gadžo Comerc d.o.o.


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